May 28, 2014

Duck Tales

Over recent weeks I've been a regular visitor to Weston General Hospital, which seems to have become home to a family of ducks.  A few weeks ago a some ducklings appeared, and for each of the last four Sundays I've managed to photograph them and see them grow up.

It's been wonderful to see how quickly they've grown, I hope the four photos below give you a sense of this.

I'm not sure when they'll be big enough to fly away, I just hope they manage to avoid being served up as hospital food.

Update for 1st June 2014 - I managed to make it for the fifth Sunday in a row (on the first anniversary on Just10Photos!) a new photo added at the bottom of the page.

Week One - 4th May 2014 - The little ducklings catch some sun whilst their mother has a relaxing stretch.

Week Two - 11th May 2014 - The ducklings have a swim and wash, still all fur and little wings! 

Week Three - 18th May 2014 - The ducklings show off their new feathers and little remaining fur
whilst sunbathing under the watchful eye of their mother (left).

Week Four - 25th May 2014 - The ducklings are mostly feathers and almost the same size
as their mother (right), who seems to be left to one side.

Week Five - 1st June 2014 - The ducklings are now ducks, but their mother
is still keeping an eye on them from afar.