February 22, 2015

An Animal Experience at The Animal Experience

I recently visited The Animal Experience in Cambridgeshire for a meerkat experience.  

The Animal Experience is a family run business which specialises in education and entertainment using animals.  The team run their centre but also undertake school visits, events, and the like.  

Kayleigh and Lee made me feel welcome as I got into the meerkat enclosure to play with the meerkats, feed them their favourite treat of mealworms, and of course get some photos!  The experience only lasted thirty minutes but it was plenty of time to meet the entire meerkat family and get clambered on by pretty much all of them.

As well as the meerkats, The Animal Experience have a wide range of other animals.  Kayleigh was more than happy to get some of the animals out for photographs.  I'd love to return one day to get more photos close up.

My favourite photo from the day - the shallow depth of field gives this gekko a 3D effect.
Samson the bearded dragon gets fed his lunch, from a safe distance.
You lookin' a me?
Slytherin the albino burmese python is almost camouflaged.
Charlie the royal python gives me the eye.
A stick insect holds on.
It was great to get up close to meerkats for some photos.
A rare photo of me, being hounded my meerkats of their mealworm feast.
It's even possible to get a meerkat to pose.
The meerkat enclosure allows you to safely get in with the meerkats.