December 06, 2015

Lighting up Waddesdon Manor

There's a trend in the UK for tourist attractions to 'light up' in the winter months, just like Longleat did when I visited last winter.  I'd heard about a light up at Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property, on the news and had to visit.

The main light art event is called SOS (. . . - - - . . .) by Bruce Munro.  The installation comprised of tents which light up to music and Morse code.  In addition, the manor house was lit up with regular light shows by Woodroffe Bassett and had two illuminated wine-bottle candlesticks by Joanna Vasconcelos.

Waddesdon Manor had a Christmas fair with lots of stalls selling gifts and food.  Hot coffee, melted marshmallows, and poutine helped to keep me going on a chilly and blustery visit.  I even came away with a couple of gifts for Christmas. 

Although SOS wasn't quite as impressive as I thought it would be, combined with the Christmas fair and the manor house being lit up it was a very enjoyable few hours and definitely worth a visit.

As well as just ten photos below, there's two videos on the Just 10 Photos Youtube channel showing the the SOS installation and the light display on the manor house.

The manor house was much larger than I expected and looked great lit up.
You can see a video of the changing lights and music here.
The SOS installation consisted of lots of tents whose coloured lights changed with music and morse code.
Deliberate blur makes for an artistic photograph.
Tents lit up against the night sky.
The Christmas Fair with the manor for a backdrop was great.
Stalls at the fair sold lots of unusual gifts, including items handmade in South America at this stall.
Lights in the trees around the fair.
Some of the trees were lit to look like Christmas trees.
Entitled Lafite by Joanna Vasconcelos, these two 10 metre high candlesticks are made of 574 wine bottles. 
Illuminated trees.