January 30, 2016

Canada 2015 - Wildlife

For the first blog post of 2016, some photos from last year when I went to Canada.  I've got lots of photos to share form my Canadian adventures... just ten at a time of course. 

One of the things I was looking forward to seeing and photographing was some of the wildlife that inhabits Canada.  On my list of wildlife to shoot, well photograph, was a whale, a moose, and a beaver.  I managed two of three, but had to cheat a bit with both of those as you'll see below.  It's disappointing to miss out on some of the wildlife I wanted to see so I guess I'll just have to return to try again some time.

Most of the photos are from the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland where I spent the majority of my holiday.  

I did a whale spotting boat tour with O'Brien's Whale and Bird Tours from Bay Bulls.  When I went, on an overcast day in September, it was just out of whale season and no whales appeared.  But I did photograph some puffins and eagles in the wild.  It was very cold out on the water so if you ever go be sure to take a big coat!  Ironically when we got back to dry land the weather started to improve and quickly became warm and sunny.

I also visited Salmonier Nature Park which is a government run conservation park.  The park is so vast that all the animals have lots of space which is always nice to see.

The catch of the day taken away by a puffin, spotted on the O'Brien's Whale Tour.
A wild golden eagle, spotted on the O'Brien's Whale Tour.
The walkway at Salmonier Nature Park is really well integrated with the landscape.
The Great Horned Owl at Salmonier Nature Park didn't seem too sure about me.
A colours of this snowy owl at the Salmonier Nature Park contrasts nicely with the greenery.
A caribou at Salmonier Nature Park .
A male moose at Salmonier Nature Park, these animals are huge.
There's lots of wild moose in Canada, although I didn't spot any myself.
We got told several times to take extra care when driving after dusk.
Spotted outside the Blue Jays stadium in Toronto, this black squirrel.
I didn't even know black squirrels existed!
I didn't spot a single beaver in Canada, but I did send this post card.  Next time I'll find some...