February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day at Beale Park

In the midst of one of the rainiest and dullest winters I can remember, today, Valentines Day, was forecast to be nice and the sun was due to put in a rare appearance.  So I headed to Beale Park in Berkshire to see and photograph some of the many animals they have.  Love was in the air...

The pigs got into the Valentine's Day spirit and had a smooch.
I'd never seen a Common Genet - it's very cat-like and I'd like to see more of them!
This peacock was loved-up, trying to get the attention of a peahen.
She was more interested in her food.
Although it was a sunny February day, it was cold... these lemurs cuddled up for warmth.
This goat wasn't so loving - he tried to ram me through a wooden fence!
This squirrel monkey loved the camera and came right up to the glass to have his picture taken.
The otters liked getting some attention.
A Valentine's rabbit - and what a big boy he was.
Just a goat balancing on a tree stump.
Meerkats modelling in the sun.