Here's some photographers that I find inspiring, take a look at their websites and see if they float your boat too!  To save any tantrums (and as couldn't pick a single favourite) they're listed in alphabetical order.

Candy Pop -

Natasha, aka Candy Pop, focusses on all things vintage and Blythe.  I find Blythe a little bit freaky, but I guess it's always useful to have a model who can't argue.

Darren Heath -

Darren's photos speak for themselves, and if you're an F1 fan you really must take a look, the photos are simply awesome.

Michael Palmer -

Michael is a Twitter-friend, and one of the few brave enough to make a living out of photography.  I've been on his photo experience days, and even helped him out photographing models on a couple of occasions.

Sheila Morris -

Sheila is a good friend of mine and regularly accompanies me on our adventures.  Sheila is the kind of photographer that you'll see concentrating for ages to get the photo she wants to achieve.

Sophie Goldsworthy -

I've followed Sophie on Twitter for a while, and love her simple and beautiful photos.  She's so talented she's even written a bit on photography, The Rough Guide to Digital Photography.

Turtle Photography -

North Wales is one of the most picturesque places in the UK, and Martin Turtle captures this landscape like no one else.  I've even got one of Martin's framed photos on my living room wall.